Snow Doesn’t Slow Down Attendance at NDDOT Vehicle Auction

Organizers say attendance was somewhat higher than a normal auction

FARGO, N.D. — The snow outside could not slow down people from trying to get their hands on a new car.

Dozens of people placed their bids on vehicles held by the North Dakota DOT at one of five auctions held this fall.

The last auction raised over $600,000 towards the State Fleet fund.

The North Dakota DOT and State Fleet Services co–sponsor the event each year, and organizers were surprised at the turnout in Fargo.

“It was really good for us to see because I did not expect that many people but it was about the same, maybe even a little more than a non–weather day. I was really surprised there were as many people here today as there was with the weather,” said Robin Rehborg, the Director of State Fleet Services.

The next vehicle auction in Fargo is set to take place on November 14 at the North Dakota DOT District Offices.

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