West Fargo Beats Davies For State Championship

West Fargo's Daniel Collins Scores with three minutes left

Grand Forks, N.D. — West Fargo’s Daniel Collins scored with three minutes left in the match to secure the State Championship for the Packers.

With the goal on Saturday, Collins finished with 31 goals for the season. As a team, the Packers had 71 goals on the year.

“Daniel has been a magical player all year. He’s a tremendous player and does tremendous things but the truth is Lucas set him up with that beautiful lofty pass,” said West Fargo head coach James Moe. “It just held on well enough in the wind and then the keeper comes out. There are a lot of things that need to happen for that goal to happen and to go in. It’s just a testament to how good we have been. 31 goals for him and 79 for the team on the season. This was a record season for us.”

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