Will the Weather Ruin Halloween Fun? Staying Warm While Trick or Treating

Dressing for Halloween can be difficult if temperatures drop for October 31st

FARGO, N.D. — Halloween is one of the most exciting times of the year for kids but will cold temperatures ruin the fun?

KVRR’s Jessie Cohen learned some creative ideas families and Halloween store staff have come up with so they can still trick–or–treat door to door.

October 31st is about the creeps, the costumes and of course, the candy.

“It doesn’t feel like Halloween,” said Jill Eddy, a mother of a trick or treater.

With temperatures already hitting below freezing…

“A lot of the concerns that we’re getting about costumes is that they are going to be big enough to fit clothes underneath,” said Kyleigh Brydl.

…parents are asking ‘how can we keep our kids comfortable and cozy?’

“We’ve been thinking about it for a couple weeks and we still haven’t found anything yet but yes definitely thinking of something warm this year,” Jill said.

“We’ve also been kind of recommending for parents to buy items that are one to two sizes bigger than what they would expect for their children,” Kyleigh said.

Some families are coming to Fargo from miles away.

“We don’t have a whole lot of selection; there isn’t a whole lot of warm stuff that’s why we’re here looking too,” said one member of the Erickson family who traveled to Fargo to shop for Halloween costumes.

But one thing is for sure; no matter what it feels like outside, they want to show off their outfits.

“But I’m just trying to find like a warm costume so people can see my costume but I’m also staying warm,” said Elsie Eddy, a trick or treater.

They also have some of their own ideas on how to tackle the cold.

“Taking breaks using a vehicle to ride alongside them is definitely going to play a part of it and just slowdown from time to time and warm up in the vehicle between rounds,” said another member of the Erickson family.

“I guess the good thing is there are alternatives I know like in the past we’ve done like the mall maybe a little warmer option this year,” Jill said.

The weather hasn’t just put a damper on costumes; it’s also affecting sales at local Halloween shops.

“We had a really slow week this week, and we have a lot of back stock of our costumes and mostly of the dresses that we have,” Kyleigh said.

But Halloween fanatics say they aren’t letting anything carve into their candy filled pumpkins.

“My favorite part about Halloween is all the candy.”

“I do strongly advise that the parents kind of help with the kids getting in those warmer outfits even if that does mean putting a coat over them and letting them have their trick or treat and Halloween fun,” Kyleigh said.

“Kids are still wanting to get out and do what they want to do it’s just up to us as the adults and parents to make sure they are prepared for the conditions that are out there.”

Are you going to let the cold weather this year, stop you from getting all the candy that you can?

“Probably not,” Elsie said.

“Have a happy Halloween, stay safe and stay warm.”

Those at Spirit Halloween say their sales associates would be happy to help you and your family members get bundled up while also finding a great costume.

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