Community Members Welcome New Residents from Around the World to the Metro

The GFMEDC hosts a welcoming party twice a year

FARGO, N.D. — Four years ago, Fahima Alizada made the move to Minnesota from Afghanistan.

After starting school at Concordia, she was initially nervous about meeting people in her new home.

“I was pretty shy and trying to find someone to talk, but people are so welcoming here and so nice,” said Alizada.

Through the Greater Fargo Moorhead Economic Development Corporation’s (GFMEDC) semi–annual Welcome Event, people like Fahima are able to open up and help new people enjoy life in the metro.

“This is a very great opportunity for people who don’t know much about the Fargo–Moorhead area and the diverse people who are from different parts of the world. It’s good to come and hang out,” said Alizada.

For the GFMEDC, making sure new arrivals feel welcome is important for bringing more workers to the area.

“People need to feel like they are part of a community. If they come here and haven’t made any connections, if they don’t have anything to connect them to the community, they’re not as likely to stay,” said Lisa Gulland-Nelson, the Vice President of Investor Relations for the GFMEDC.

Attending her third GFMEDC Welcome Party, Fahima uses her past experiences to help people new to the area feel comfortable.

“People who are moving to the new environment or the new culture like me, I came from all the way from Afghanistan and the culture is different. It is so hard to go and be brave and go to a new culture and try to embrace that culture,” said Alizada.

Even though she graduates from Concordia in two years, she hopes to make more special memories in the metro.

“I love it, and I’m looking forward to staying here and do my grad school here too,” said Alizada.

The GFMEDC holds the Welcome Parties twice a year.

This year featured a map where people could show where they moved from, as well as food and games.

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