Fargo Police Offers Halloween Safety Items Like Reflective Trick-or-Treating Bags

There are also coloring books about safety

FARGO, N.D. — Before you take your kids out trick–or–treating this year, make sure you’re keeping safety in mind.

The Fargo Police Department is giving out Halloween safety items such as reflective trick–or–treating bags.

There are also coloring books so kids can learn about safety.

Both parents and drivers should be extra careful of kids running out into the street. Reflective gear is recommended so kids are easier to see.

“They’re always going to be excited on the night of Halloween, and they’re not going to be thinking about it, and parents might not think about talking to them about being safe, so it’s just kind of fun to let them color and work through the coloring activity book and just learn safety tips ahead of time,” Jessica Schindeldecker, public information officer for the Fargo Police Department, said.

The coloring books and bags are available at both the downtown police station and the substation on 25th Street.

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