Former Maryland GOP Legislator Drums Up Support for Measure 3

Don Murphy says North Dakota could benefit economically from the measure if passed

FARGO, N.D. — A former GOP state legislator from Maryland comes to Fargo to fuel the fire to legalize recreational marijuana in North Dakota.

Don Murphy says changing the law and pushing through Measure 3 opens the door for more jobs for North Dakotans and revenue for the state.

He says if the measure is approved, North Dakota’s smaller population will serve as an advantage as Senators push to make recreational marijuana legal nationwide.

“Voters here have 50 times the voting strength as voters in California, so when your two senators go back to DC knowing that their voters cast ballots in favor of adult–use marijuana, they take that to DC, and that’s where we need to win this battle,” said Murphy, who works for the Marijuana Policy Project.

Murphy says he will be in town for the next few days to drum up support for Congressman Kevin Cramer and Measure 3.

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