Students Lead Tours At Willow Park Elementary School’s Open House

Willow Park is the newest school in the West Fargo School District

WEST FARGO, N.D. — It’s not every day students get to take charge, but at Willow Park Elementary’s open house, some kids did just that.

Students were picked by their teachers to lead tours through the newly–opened school.

“What better way to highlight the great learning that happens at Willow Park by letting students take their parents, relatives around the building, even school board members have the opportunity to tour the facility,” Ethan Ehlert, the principal, said.

“We get to show ourselves to the community and you get to be nice to people and greet people. We like to be friendly,” Madden McQuade, a 4th grader, said.

“[I like] how modern it is and how comfy it is,” Brayden Fernandez, a 5th grader, said.

“[I like] how the school is brand new and all the new stuff they have here. It’s a big school and there’s a lot of nice things here like the teachers,” Brody Bikic, a 5th grader, said.

With students leading the tours, they got to show everything from their own perspectives, including all the little details they see while they’re in class.

Since Willow Park is brand new, all the students went to other schools last year.

“Some people say school is boring but this makes school fun. It’s way more modern,” Fernandez said.

“Feels pretty big. I’ve never seen a school so big. Rooms can be bigger, offices can be bigger, anything else can be bigger in a new school,” Brynn Spieker, a 4th grader, said. 

“For kids to be able to walk right across the street and come to a brand new neighborhood school is a pretty unique experience so it’s been nothing short of amazing,” Ehlert said.

A new school also means new beginnings.

“You can get a fresh start of everything, you can try again, you can succeed, you can do whatever you try to do all over again and you can do better. A new school can make it a lot easier. You can start over again for a little bit, and you can get the hang of everything, and you can do better and better as you go,” Spieker said.

Willow Park is part of the bond package that passed in 2015 to address the West Fargo school district’s growth.

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