Medical Professionals Gather for 2018 ND Mission: Lifeline Conference

The conference centered on providing medical professionals with information on stroke prevention and cardiac treatment

FARGO, N.D. — The North Dakota Mission: Lifeline Conference centered on providing medical professionals in the Fargo community with information on stroke prevention and cardiac treatment and prevention.

“We’re educating people on the front lines of cardiac and stroke care across the state of North Dakota in the very latest research and treatment guidelines,” ND American Heart Association Communications Director Chrissy Meyer said. “So, that they can take that back to their communities and really improve the overall health of their patients across the state.”

Ken Norman, a Moorhead native, started the day by sharing his survival story.

Norman was driving to work last March when he had a heart attack.

“A good samaritan stopped, broke the window of my car, put me on the ground, and started CPR,” Norman said.

Norman woke up in a Sanford Hospital just over 30 days later with no recollection of what happened.

“The month of April did not exist for me this year and so as time goes on I sort of peel that back like an onion to try to determine what did take place,” Norman said.

As Norman shared his story, he thanked the professionals in the room for their value in the community.

The conference was made possible because of a $5.6 million grant given to North Dakota Mission: Lifeline from the Helmsley Charitable Trust.

“It enabled us to offer this bigger and better conference free of charge to people,” Meyer said.

Just under 300 medical professionals attended each day of the conference.

“It’s just exciting to hear from different speakers and hear from different people and to see what other hospitals are doing versus what we are doing and how we can better ourselves,” Sanford cardiovascular invasive specialist Gaby Brewers said.

Click on the link for the American Heart Association website where you can find more information on cardiac health.

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