Fashion Show Inspiring People with Disabilities to Feel Good When they Look Good

HOPE inc. is more than just an outlet for adaptive sports...

For the second year in a row, kids aren’t the only ones strutting their stuff at the Hope INC. Fashion Show.

KVRR’s Jessie Cohen tells us this organization and fun events like this have changed the lives of adults with disabilities.

Walking the runway and being proud of your newest look isn’t just for models…

“I think it helps them realize that they really are a worthwhile valuable person,” said Adair Grommesh, the co-founder of Hope INC.

It’s for everyone because let’s face it. When you look good, you feel good no matter how old you are.

“I think the beauty of it from this year and from last year is that we have adults participating,” Grommesh said.

Especially with your best friends by your side.

“Being with these guys it’s been awesome I mean we do everything with each other, we have each other’s backs and we like to sport some nice clothes and have a good time,” said Jarvis, who has been with Hope INC. for three and a half years.

For some of the adults, like Anthony, being in front of a crowd can be scary but the fashion show has given them a reason to show off.

“It helps you get past some of that nervousness and then you see some of the younger children and it encourages you,” said Anthony Segura, who has been with Hope INC. for 3 years.

“It allows them to be examples and mentors for the kids so the kids can say I can get a job, I can get a family, I can get a house, I can live independently,” Grommesh said.

“I think they are inspirations to us also so I think all around it’s such a real great mix,” said Jeff Muralt, who has been with Hope INC. for 4 years.

HOPE inc. is more than just an outlet for adaptive sports…

“For me it’s been one of the most instrumental things of having a disability,” said Tom Rene, who has been with Hope INC. for about 4 years.

It’s also a support system…

“There is so much inspiration. You can read anyone’s story and find inspiration,” said Aaron Johnson, who has been with Hope INC. for 4 years.

…where friendships turn into forever bonds.

“These guys are my best friends. To me it’s more than a friendship they are family,” Tom said.

Not too long ago these five guys were strangers but thanks to HOPE Inc. you’ll never find them apart.

“I’d be lost without these guys. I love these guys and I couldn’t ask for better family,” Jarvis said.

And those with the organization know this fashion show is just one of a thousand moments that proves they are making a real difference.

“Lives are positively impacted and that’s a beautiful feeling it really is. The people that we serve are so happy to be a part of it,” Grommesh said.

HOPE inc. has been changing lives for 13 years and the numbers keep growing.

If you’d like to get involved, visit our website to find out how.

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