West Fargo Police Announces New Fund for Project Lifesaver Program

The program can help those with autism, Alzheimer's disease, and other cognitive conditions stay safe

WEST FARGO, N.D. — More families can have peace of mind thanks to a donation to the West Fargo Police Department.

A new fund will help enroll qualified residents in Project Lifesaver, which can help keep those with autism, Alzheimer’s and dementia safe.

Back in June, 6–year–old David Lemi Logulomo, who has autism, wandered away and drowned.

A scholarship fund in his name will give families access to a device that will make it easier to find their loved ones if they’ve wandered away from home.

“Today is the first step in taking David’s tragedy and turning it into a lasting legacy that will save other lives. Although this technology will not have changed the outcome of June 29th, it is in David’s memory that we moved forward with offering this importance service,” Chief Heith Janke of the West Fargo Police Department said.

The device uses radio frequency signals to track lost individuals. When the receiver gets closer to the person who has the transmitter, the signal will become more clear.

Without the fund, the startup cost would be $350.

“I can’t tell you how many kitchen tables I’ve sat at of families in West Fargo who are doing everything they can to keep their loved one living with Alzheimer’s related dementia safe. They just can’t keep them safe because they can’t stay up all night to watch that person,” Kendra Binger, Alzheimer’s Assocation program manager, said.

The device has an average rescue time of less than 30 minutes. Police say has a 100 percent success rate across the state. That’s especially important in North Dakota’s climate.

“Living where we live, with the cold condition of the winter, it is always an emergency where they need to be unattended,” Binger said.

“Words like helpless and hopeless come to mind. Fear, the what ifs, what if they run, what if they get lost,” Casey Baardson, West Fargo Police Chaplain, said.

If you would like to get a loved one signed up for the Project Lifesaver program, contact West Fargo Police.

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