MSUM Professor Discusses Inefficiencies of Public Opinion Polling

Philip Baumann also says the over-saturation of polls causes less people to participate

MOORHEAD, Minn. — As candidates gear up for the home stretch of the election, an MSUM professor argues popularity polls are misleading when predicting a winner of the election.

Philip Baumann says polls only reflect a small part of the population at a certain point.

When he started studying polls 30 years ago, he saw that participation in these polls hovered around 30 percent.

But Baumann says the oversaturation of polling services leads fewer people to answer the phones.

“The campaigns today are long, they’re contentious, people are flooded with advertising. They just want a break, they don’t want to participate, they don’t want to be bothered by a ten–minute interview on the phone,” said Baumann.

Baumann’s presentation was part of the League of Women’s Voter monthly program to inform people of issues affecting voters.

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