Author Teaches Students Storytelling Basics with New Book on Adam Thielen

Co-author Ryan Jacobson uses his book "Adam Thielen: From Small Town to Football Star" to share tips on creating a story

DILWORTH, Minn. – It was about a year ago when Ryan Jacobson teamed up with Lindsay Vonruden to write “Adam Thielen: From Small Town to Football Star,” a story about her cousin and #19 for the Vikings.

Jacobson uses Thielen’s story as a way to interest young readers to the art of storytelling.

“The one thing I really want students to get out of reading the Adam Thielen book is to chase their dreams,” Jacobson said. “It’s a great story. It’s a story of hard work and perseverance and I hope students can take that with them and realize that if they work hard enough they can achieve great things.”

Jacobson visited with kindergarten through fourth graders at Dilworth Elementary to offer some helpful tips.

“I briefly introduce some age-appropriate books and then I delve into talking about different aspects of writing and different tips for creating and telling their own stories,” Jacobson said.

During the writing process, Jacobson focused on the sports side of things while Vonruden learned more about Adam’s story from family members.

“I watched a lot of NFL games on tape and I read a lot of sports stories from his high school newspaper in Detroit Lakes and was able to put together a lot of sports moments to put into the book,” Jacobson said.

Jacobson likes to spend an entire day when he visits schools so he is able to work with students from every grade.

“It goes so well with our reading and writing curriculum and to meet an author and then they all know of course about Adam Thielen so it’s extra exciting for them,” Dilworth Elementary teacher Becky Flint-Payne said.

Aside from Thielen’s book, Jacobson brought eight other pieces of his work to share with the students.

“It’s nice to hear another person’s point of view and to hear the background things that he does,” Flint-Payne said.

Jacobson is heading to Barnesville tomorrow to speak to students at Atkinson Elementary School.

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