What You Need to Know: A Breakdown of the North Dakota Measures on the Ballot

While representatives from Measures 2 and 4 were not there to speak, people from each Measure 1 were

Representatives supporting the city of Fargo’s measure one, the state’s measure one and measure three are answering voter’s questions before tomorrow’s election.

In our “Lead Story”, KVRR’s Jessie Cohen went to the open forum and tells us what supporters say you need to know.


TJ and Alison the language on the ballots can be confusing, but supporters of Measure 3 want to clarify some false information.

Driving under the influence and smoking in public would not be legal if marijuana is legalized

Supporters say the opposition has been telling people otherwise.

While representatives from Measures 2 and 4 were not there to speak, people from each Measure 1 were.

Yes, there are two.

The city of Fargo’s Measure one is approval voting giving a thumbs up or down for each candidate running for positions within Fargo.

The state’s Measure one would create an ethics commission.

They would be responsible for anything related to corruption, elections and lobbying.

“This is the cleanup everyone is crying for across the country and across the state. There aren’t too many things people are agreeing on right now, there is a lot of division in the state and in the country, this is one thing we can all feel good about, a yes vote for Measure 1,” said John Pudner, the Executive Director of Take Back Our Republic.

Those who would hold a spot on the ethics commission would have a 4 year term and would not hold any political office.

They would also be appointed by the governor and state senators.

Measure 2 would change the state’s constitution to say only a citizen of the United States is a qualified elector, instead of “every citizen” which it currently says.

Measure 4 gives red personalized vehicle plates to volunteer first responders at no cost.

If you still need more information, you are able to use your phone at the polls to do some extra research.

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