Longfellow Elementary Students Thank Veterans With Homemade Cards

The students are making their cards for the veterans at the Fargo VA Health Care System

FARGO– Three classes of first graders at Longfellow Elementary spent the morning learning about Veterans Day.

“I think that when we start all of the children think that veterans are people that shoot guns and fight in wars,” Longfellow Elementary teacher Sally Hamilton said. “They don’t realize some of the social impact they can have.”

After a brainstorming session with their teacher, the students got to thank veterans themselves with handmade cards.

“Thank you, veterans for risking your lives,” a student said.

The students are making their cards for the North Dakota veterans at the Fargo VA Health Care System.

“Just the happiness on their faces, the excitement, the people in the waiting rooms are just thrilled to see us,” Hamilton said.

When asked why they are thankful..

“They protect our country,” a student said.

“For them protecting us,” a student said.

“They want to save our lives,” a student said.

“With the elections yesterday, I think that this is a great spot to start with the kids so that they’re more knowledgeable as they get older and turn into voters to help shape our country,” Hamilton said.

Along with their cards, the students will deliver small American flags as they walk to the VA hospital.

The students and their teachers will deliver their handmade cards to the VA hospital on Friday.

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