Fargo-Moorhead Welcomes First Arcade-Brewery

Pixeled Brewing Company has over 55 classic arcade games and six types of beer on tap

FARGO–¬†Walking into Pixeled Brewing Company, you might think you’re in a time machine.

Aside from being a brewery, Pixeled is home to classic arcade games.

“Seeing them resurrected, you know, a lot of these games got destroyed because they weren’t making money back in the day so it’s kind of nice to see them back up and running again,” Pixeled Brewing Company lead tech Alan Hill said.

With over 55 arcade games, Pixeled Brewing Company has both modern games and games dating back to the 1970’s.

“A lot of it just goes back to the nostalgia of being a kid, right, of your mom giving you a couple of dollars and dropping you off at the arcade,” Pixeled Brewing Company co-owner John-Paul Klein said.

In effort to keep it affordable and fun, the owners charge twenty five cents per game.

“We knocked all of the prices down on the machines to a quarter so that you felt rich walking in here,” Klein said. “You felt, with those two dollars, you could play in here for an hour.”

The owners keep alcohol levels around 5% for their beers.

This is so guests can enjoy a few beers while playing all the video games they want.

For non-drinkers, homemade sodas are on the menu as well.

“I don’t know how many people I had tell me that they feel like they’re twelve years old again but that they can drink beer right, right, which is kind of funny, but that’s what it is, you feel like a kid and there are smiles everywhere, smiles on everybody’s faces,” Klein said.

You can purchase game tokens from Pixeled Brewing Company’s token machine or from any of the bartenders on staff.

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