New Report Shows Some North Dakotans Still Struggle with Hunger

The "Hunger in North Dakota" report was compiled by Great Plains Food Bank

FARGO, N.D. — Cass County has the most food pantries of any county in North Dakota, yet a new report shows that 81% of adults served by these groups are regularly skipping meals.

“It almost seems like there was more of a need here and you’d think with all the programs that we have, we’d be able to meet those needs, but there is definitely still a need,” said Kallie Frost of the Salvation Army.

Nearly 30% of people struggling with hunger in North Dakota go a whole day without eating, and just under 70% are unable to enjoy a balanced meal.

These are just some of the numbers that come from this year’s “Hunger in North Dakota” report released by the Great Plains Food Bank.

“It’s important to understand why our clients are in the situation that they’re in, and if there’s things that we can do to help out and better serve those clients, it’s important for us to identify that,” said Jared Slinde of Great Plains Food Bank.

After surveying 175 different food agencies across North Dakota and Clay County, a staggering group affected by hunger are children and the elderly.

“36% are children, 12% are seniors, which are nearly half of who we serve are our most vulnerable population, and that’s remained fairly steady for quite some time now,” Slinde said.

The new report reaffirms how organizations like the Salvation Army plan to combat hunger.

“We do serve food and we want them to come and have a place to eat and have a snack or a meal, and we want to offer those solutions so that kids and adults are going hungry,” said Frost.

By giving people a glimpse at how prevalent hunger is across the state, Great Plains Food Bank looks to continue helping more people enrich their lives through a quality meal.

The report gathered data based on reports from food agencies across the state, and face–to–face interviews with people who get food from these places.

Nearly 520 people took part in the surveys.

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