Fargo Fire Department Holds Graduation Ceremony for 497th Firefighter

Brent Bachmeier spent the last four years at the Cavalier Air Force station

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo Fire Department welcomes Brent Bachmeier, its 497th firefighter, with a graduation ceremony.

“I’m ecstatic, I’m incredibly happy that I finally made it. I wanted a job I could feel proud of, a job that I could help a lot of people. I grew up in Fargo, so I wanted to help the community I grew up in,” he said.

After more 200 hours of training over six weeks, Bachmeier finally got his badge and took the firefighter’s oath.

He spent the last four years at the Cavalier Air Force station, so he says training wasn’t a shock.

“A lot of it was basic fire 101 skills that I’d probably forgotten the four years I was up there. Nothing really surprised me,” he said.

That doesn’t mean it wasn’t rigorous.

“That first week there was a lot of reading. The training was physically intense but I enjoyed all of it. I enjoy this job,” he said.

The job is more than just putting out fires– it’s everything from rescues to hazardous materials.

“Firefighters end up being a jack of all trades. They have to have a lot of different skills. They get called to many different things,” Asst. Chief Craig Nelson said.

Having a new firefighter on the team is exciting for the department, too.

“He’s very motivated and very nice, warm person. It’s really exciting for us to have a new firefighter. We tend to see people stay for a long time,” Nelson said. “We like to think of ourselves as a family, so when we add a member to it it’s a very big deal.”

Bachmeier’s first day on the job will be Saturday.

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