Trying to Change Habits: How the City of Fargo is Trying to Eliminate Plastic Bag Use

In honor of America Recycles Day, the city of Fargo is running the "Day Without a Bag" campaign

FARGO, N.D. — In honor of America Recycles Day, the city of Fargo is running the “Day Without a Bag” campaign.

It’s not always easy to kick an old habit…

…but what if we all tried?

“It would be nice if everybody would do that and get away from plastic,” said Rosella Kolrud, a Cash Wise shopper.

The city of Fargo is stepping in with an incentive.

If you give them your plastic bags, they will hand you a brand new reusable one.

“We can help change some of those habits and encourage residents to use the cloth bags instead of all those plastic bags,” said Jenn Pickett, the Recycling Coordinator with the City of Fargo.

One customer says making the switch helps with storage at home…

“I think it’s much simpler than going home and having a whole container of plastic bags,” Kolrud said.

…benefits the environment…

“I just use these over and over again and they are good bags and it saves on the landfill,” Kolrud said.

…and has even enhanced her trip to the grocery store.

“It helped my shopping because I don’t have to worry when I get home. I carry them in unload them and put the bags back in the car and I’m ready to go for the next time,” Kolrud said.

Their goal is to collect at least 11 thousand bags to exceed their goal from last year and that means collecting about another ten of these to reach that amount.

Plastic doesn’t really decompose so the more bags they can take off the streets…

“Then that’s less that get caught in trees and roadways and the ditch and things like that,” Pickett said.

As those with the city of Fargo look for people to drop off their plastic bags, something caught their eyes.

“I do notice more people are bringing their bags in to the store I think a lot of the problem is remembering to bring the bag out of the car. Everybody says shoot I have a whole bunch in the car,” Pickett said.

This year the city added the new Cash Wise location on 52nd Avenue South to their list of collection sites.

They had people present at four different stores.

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