Fargo Public Works Reminds Drivers of Seasonal Parking Restrictions

The restrictions run from Nov. 1 to April 15

FARGO, N.D. — With the snow comes more parking restrictions, and the Fargo Public Works Department wants to remind the public to follow all signage.

Parking restrictions started on Nov. 1 and go until April 15.

“At the end of the day it’s about safe driving conditions. It’s not about trying to be spiteful. There’s a reason behind all of them,” Lee Anderson, public works supervisor, said.

The city says hundreds of tickets have already been written. Both public works and the police department can write tickets.

“If they don’t move and there’s been a complaint, not necessarily by public works but a resident, a business owner, whatever, that goes through police department,” Anderson said.

Narrow roads are harder to work with.

“We got to maintain the width of the streets best as we can. It’s the main reason they’re in place,” he said.

If a car is moved after the plows have gone through, crews have to go back and clear the spot anyway.

For people in the city, parking restrictions are another nuisance that comes with the snow.

“It’s a real hassle, certainly with the slush and the construction, my friends are I were just joking about not showing up back here until May,” Jein Kramer, a Fargo resident, said.

The city says they’re particularly diligent about the downtown area.

“I just wish there was more parking downtown. They can’t even clean it up because there’s too much congestion when there construction’s over it’ll be a lot better,” Kramer said.

In the end, everyone just has to work with the conditions.

“We prefer to not have anyone park in the street anywhere, restrictions or not, that’s unrealistic. Plowing around cars is part of doing business,” Anderson said.

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