Red Sand Project Raises Awareness for Human Trafficking

The group invited people to fill cracks in the sidewalk with red sand

FARGO, N.D. — If you walk downtown, you’ll notice something different in the cracks of the sidewalks.

NDSU started a local chapter of the Red Sand Project, which is a national organization raising awareness for human trafficking.

They invited people walking along Broadway to fill the cracks of the sidewalks with red sand.

Human trafficking affects more than 40 million people worldwide, including in Fargo–Moorhead.

“Just for raising awareness because in the Fargo–Moorhead area, it’s very prevalent and not many of us know that. It’s just to raise awareness and tell people that we really want to make sure women and males who are affected by this don’t go and fall through the cracks of society,” Kayla Herkenhoff, co-founder of the NDSU Red Sand Project, said.

KVRR will have a special report on human trafficking Wednesday, Nov. 21 at 9 p.m.

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