Pop-Up Cafe Looks to Fight Hunger in Metro before Thanksgiving

Heart-N-Soul Community Cafe has been bringing people together since 2016

FARGO, N.D. — When she started the Heart–N–Soul Community Cafe back in 2016, Leola Daul had two goals in mind: stopping hunger in the metro and building a sense of community with various groups of people.

“When people sit down and have a meal together, it kind of breaks down barriers. We all like to eat and enjoy each other’s company, and so I believe that food and having a meal together really encompasses that,” said Daul.

For the last few years, Heart–N–Soul has teamed up with Fargo Cass Public Health to make sure people have nutritious options on their plate.

“They try to pick local foods whenever possible, the menus are all very healthy in terms of there’s usually a vegetable of some sort and cooked as healthy as possible,” Kim Lepitzky, a nutritionist at Fargo Cass Public Health, said.

In addition to serving healthy food, the Heart–N–Soul Community Cafe looks to encourage tighter bonds among its diners through togetherness and community service.

Once guests finish eating their meals, they generally don’t have to deal with a bill.

Instead, Heart–N–Soul collects other form of payments that won’t fit in a wallet.

“Guests can come in and they can pay what they can, they can volunteer with us, or they could pay our suggested amount which is typically $7, or they can pay it forward to help a neighbor in need,” said Daul.

But at the end of the day, the Community Cafe looks to fight hunger and food insecurity by adding a personal touch.

“The idea behind the Community Cafe is to bring people together through the sense of food, through eating, and the Community Cafe is a great way to do that,” Lepitzky said.

In addition to setting up shop at various locations across the metro, Heart–n–Soul Community Cafe operates out of Square One Kitchen in Fargo on the fourth Sunday each month.

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