Workers Finish Construction Along 13th Avenue

There will now be six open lanes in Fargo and five open lanes in West Fargo

FARGO/WEST FARGO, N.D. – The end of the 13th Avenue road construction is something we can all be thankful for this holiday season.

Workers will be done cleaning up construction on both the Fargo and West Fargo sides of the street by the end of the day.

The completion of the 13th Avenue project gives drivers more room with six lanes in Fargo and five lanes in West Fargo.

New street lights, sidewalks, and bikes lanes were installed.

The project was completed in phases to allow access to businesses.

“It was last reconstructed in 1974, concrete pavements aren’t supposed to last no 44 years,” West Fargo public works director Chris Brungardt said. “Fargo needed to get theirs done this year. They approached us knowing that we had it planned in our future so we had a joint project. A larger project and it saved a lot of money.”

Over the next few weeks, construction crews will continue installing remaining street lights along 13th Avenue.


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