Fercho YMCA Hosts 6th Annual Burn the Bird Thanksgiving Race

This 5K and 10K leaves participants feeling guilt-free while eating their Thanksgiving meals

FARGO, N.D. —¬†Over 900 people arrived bright and early to participate in Fercho YMCA’s 6th annual Thanksgiving Day Burn the Bird 5K and 10K.

“Part of our goal is to do healthy living in the community and this is just right in line with that,” YMCA president Steve Smith said.

Runners and walkers of all ages came out to be a part of something bigger than this race itself.

“There are thousands of these races around the country, so if you come on out, you’re participating in something that’s going on across this area,” Smith said.

Race day participants look forward to..

“Just getting out, getting the exercise, and enjoying the company of my family,” Burn the Bird participant Cheryl Asmund said.

“Same, it’s our first year and we just wanted to have some fun,” Burn the Bird participant Beth Haugen said.

“This is his first race,” Burn the Bird participant Breanna Koval said. “He’s never done a 5K before. I typically do half marathons and it’s just something fun to do this morning.”

“Running my first race with my beautiful wife,” Burn the Bird participant Chris Koval said.

Racers even decided to show off their Thanksgiving spirit with their very own turkey ensemble.

“It’s just something fun to do,” Breanna Koval said. “They said wear your turkey garb so I wore some turkey garb.”

There were only smiles in sight from both first-timers and seasoned race veterans.

“You’ll see some people competing against each other, you’ll see some families running with each other, walking with each other, so they all have different reasons for coming out,” YMCA marketing director Anna Sather said.

Whatever the reason, many just enjoy getting outside and spending time with loved ones.

“You know everyone comes together for Thanksgiving, so, it’s something fun to do outdoors before they sit down for their big meal,” Sather said.

Winners in each division get a pumpkin pie and each participant gets a signature Burn the Bird cup.

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