Small Businesses Celebrate “Plaid Friday,” an Alternative to Black Friday

If you wear plaid to some stores, you can get a special discount

FARGO, N.D. — If you’re not into the crowds at big–box stores and still want to get some shopping done, there’s a twist to Black Friday.

Several businesses downtown are taking part in Plaid Friday. If you wear plaid to participating stores, you can get a special discount.

Plaid Friday is a national movement bringing more awareness to small businesses in the midst of the shopping at big–box stores.

“Plaid was chosen because it’s the interwoven fabric. In downtown, small businesses make up the character of a city, all the different independent ones. Like plaid, we’re all woven together like that,” Ashley Morken, owner of Unglued Market, said.

Many downtown businesses will also be taking part in Small Business Saturday with special deals.

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