Bismarck Air Medical Plane Crash Victims Honored at Memorial Service

Pilot Todd Lasky, paramedic Chris Iverson, and NICU nurse Bonnie Cook were honored at a memorial service

BISMARCK, N.D. -People are celebrating the lives of the three first responders killed in a plane crash last Sunday.

Pilot Todd Lasky, paramedic Chris Iverson, and NICU nurse Bonnie Cook were honored at a memorial service.

The three were killed in a plane crash while on duty on November 18th.

“Your attendance today and your support for these families is truly overwhelming,” Chaplain Greg Carr said.

The three were responding to a call when contact with the plane was lost.

“What we are experiencing now is our new normal,” Carr said.  “All we can do moving forward is to love one another and support one another.”

People close to each of the fallen heroes gave memorial speeches.

“Bonnie will be deeply missed by her loving family and also by all of the lives she has touched within the community who she also considered to be part of her family,” Cook family representative Kilee Harmon said. “She died doing what she loved to do. Bonnie would not want us to be saddened and carrying on about her departure into heaven.”

“Todd possessed many natural as well as God–given talents and gifts and he used those gifts to do the things he loved and help the people in his life,” Carr said. “Everyone Todd met, fell in love with him. They were just automatically gravitated towards him. He had that kind of a personality.”

And when remembering Chris..

“He was a first responder of the highest order,” Chaplain Bryan Hochhalter said. “The type an injured, or sick, or scared individual would love to see coming through their door. The sort to who parents would entrust their child.”

The service highlighted the bravery and selflessness of Todd, Chris, and Bonnie.

To their families and friends who are grieving..

“You have our promise, our commitment, our covenant to you, of prayer and support through this time of grief,” Carr said.

Attendees had the option to pay their respects to the three heroes at the end of the service.

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