“The Power of Minnesota,” a Documentary on Clean Energy, Premieres at Fargo Theatre

It features six stories of people powering their communities with renewable energy

FARGO, N.D. — “The Power of Minnesota,” a documentary about the clean energy in the state, premieres in the Fargo Theatre.

The documentary highlights six stories of people across Minnesota who use renewable energy to power their communities.

“There’s been a lot of exciting things happening in renewable energy in the region. One of the points of tonight’s discussion is for people to see with their own eyes that these projects are real, they’ve been built, they’re operating, and they’re profitable,” David Ripplinger, economics extension specialist at NDSU, said.

Whether those projects use solar power or wind energy, experts don’t want people to think that clean power is something distant.

“In this case they certainly are [real], and they’re actually local,” Ripplinger said.

Just as the projects are real, the featured Minnesotans, ranging from Minneapolis to Duluth to Pipestone, put a face to the developments.

“They’re real people, not unlike anyone else, just like you, and it’s a chance to personalize this information, and have a deeper understanding of what the opportunities are,” Ripplinger said.

Those working on the documentary say clean energy doesn’t just concern rural areas, but people in urban places also have a good reason to be invested.

“It’s not just for the city of Fargo, it’s not just for farmers, it’s for everyone,” Ripplinger said.

Bringing clean energy into your neighborhood or business not only helps the environment but also drives the economy.

“As an economist, I continually look at the economics of these projects, and they’re clearly break–even or profitable in many parts of the country,” Ripplinger said. “Energy is important. It’s one of those things we as individuals probably don’t have enough time to think about, so bring it to the front, at least for one night a year, I think is important.”

You can find the full documentary here.

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