New Charger in Moorhead Speeds Up Electric Car Charging for Travelers

The "fast charger" fuels up the car for a 200-mile journey in just 30 minutes

MOORHEAD, Minn. — A new electric charger in Moorhead looks to set a trend for other cities located off highways.

Located just off I–94, the new ZEF Energy fast charger allows drivers to stop into Moorhead and charge up their cars in a half hour.

“We want to make sure that every single time you take a journey, you can take your electric vehicle. You don’t have to use gas as a backup. You could always get charged with gas wherever you go, it’s not a problem. We want it to be the same for electric vehicles,” said Matthew Blackler, the Founder of ZEF Energy.

The half–hour charge will enable drivers to travel the roads for up to 200 miles before they need to charge up again.

The new charging hub allows three vehicles to bolster their batteries at the same time, while giving customers a chance to visit local businesses.

“We actually call it ‘destination charging’ because when people who own electric vehicles see that chargers are available, they change their vacation plans, they change where they travel, and that means more business for the area, and more visitors to the area,” said Bob Moffitt of the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest.

ZEF Energy also has their sights set on installing fast chargers in Fergus Falls, Alexandria, and St. Cloud, all important stops along I–94.

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