Gas Prices Are the Lowest of the Year in North Dakota

NORTH DAKOTA – November’s average gas prices in North Dakota were the highest in four years, but now people are filling their tanks with the lowest prices of the year.

AAA numbers show the average price last month was $2.67 cents per gallon.

That has dropped by 24 cents for December, the lowest prices since October of last year. $2.43 may seem cheap, but it’s only one cent lower than the national average.

AAA says gas prices will likely continue to fall on strong inventory levels for oil and gas.

Here are the average gas prices for North Dakota cities according to AAA:

Today Last Year
Williston $2.56 $2.61
Minot $2.48 $2.54
Bismarck $2.47 $2.68
Dickinson $2.46 $2.55
Devils Lake $2.45 $2.54
Mandan $2.44 $2.60
North Dakota $2.43 $2.52
Grand Forks $2.40 $2.51
Jamestown $2.31 $2.53
Fargo $2.26 $2.26
West Fargo $2.23 $2.25
Lisbon $1.88 $2.44

For more information on current gas prices, click here.

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