What Would You Like to See?: 13th Avenue Corridor Vision for West Fargo

The city wants to hear the public's comments because that's really what drives these studies

WEST FARGO, N.D. — The Metro Coalition of Governments and the City of West Fargo want your input on what you’d like to see in the future.

Calling all West Fargo residents:

“We love to hear the public’s comments because that’s really what drives these studies,” said Dan Farnsworth, the transportation planner with Metro COG.

What do you want to see on the streets and in the community of West Fargo?

“People want to maintain West Fargo, maintain that quality of life that they have they also know that we’re growing and that we’re becoming a big city and so we need to provide the amenities and low commute times, ease of access to commercial properties that we’ve always had,” said Tim Solberg, the Director of Planning and Zoning with the City of West Fargo.

“We also hear things like access to transit and we also hear about bicycle and pedestrian connections,” Farnsworth said.

Metro COG and the city are partnering up to keep up with fast growth.

The 13th Avenue Corridor Study is helping them plan ahead.

“What we’re doing today is the same type pf thing that we did on Sheyenne Street 5, 10 years ago,” Solberg said.

“We do these studies and then it’s many years after by the time you see the cones,” Farnsworth said.

“In our scenario planning we showed growth happening both on the fairgrounds and then growth happening to the southwest of the interstate,” Solberg said.

All of the plans are based off of a what if scenario for example if all of the diversion efforts in Fargo go through the hopes of the City of West Fargo would be to build a bridge across Interstate 94 relieving traffic from the north to the south end.

“Definitely would relieve traffic there. Growth happened in that area because there would be like I said several square miles of possible developed land,” Farnsworth said.

The bridge is just one example of how the city plans to stay informed on how they can evolve with surrounding communities.

“West Fargo is a great place to live and it’s a great place to do business and we just want to make sure we support that,” Solberg said.

Although you may not see change tomorrow, staying ahead of the game today is the only way to ensure the enhancements of tomorrow.

The 13th Avenue corridor study is from West Fargo city limits on the east side, to the far west side of the interstate including part of 15th Street.

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