It’s a boy! Alison Voorhees And Her Husband Welcome Baby Hayden

KVRR co-anchor delivered this bundle of joy around 2 this morning

FARGO, ND — We are getting our first video of KVRR co-anchor Alison Voorhees and her new baby.

Alison went to the hospital after the 9:00 news Tuesday night and gave birth a few hours later.

Baby Hayden is the first child for Alison and her husband Matt.

Lots of family members have been vising the new parents and their baby. They will be able to take home their bundle of joy on Friday.

“Everyone said to us leading into this, ‘you’re going to love this little baby more than you can ever imagine,’ and they were 100 percent right. I cannot imagine my life without him anymore. We’re pretty in love. He is by far the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten,” Alison said.

Hayden is one of 16 babies born on Wednesday, which Sanford says is twice as many births than average on a single day.

Alison will back on the air in a few months.

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