Sanford Choir Spreads Holiday Cheer to Cancer Patients With Christmas Carols

More than 80 people volunteered to sing this year

FARGO, N.D. —┬áPatients get a special, holiday surprise from employees at Sanford’s Roger Maris Cancer Center.

Sanford’s employee choir spent the morning trying to brighten some patient’s day with plenty of Christmas carols. Patients can spend hours getting their chemo treatments at the hospital, which is why they say Christmas songs are great way to help the time fly by. But carolers say it’s helping their patients feel just like everyone else during the holidays that they love the most.

“It’s nice to have some normalcy and some things that mean a lot to you. It’s very heartwarming so it’s good for both the giver and the receiver,” said Becky Moch, Sanford choir director.

“I’d love to see my doctor caroling. That’s Dr. Zarr by the way. If you could get him caroling, that would be great,” said Darla Thimjon, an acute myelocytic leukemia patient.

About 20 people volunteered to sing last year but this time around, more than 80 signed up to spread some Christmas joy to patients.

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