Proposed Law Would Track Fargo Businesses Overserving Alcohol

"Place of Last Drink" would have officers ask people at the point of arrest where they last drank

FARGO, N.D. — City leaders are looking at tracking businesses that overserve alcohol.

A proposal called place of last drink, or POLD, would have officers ask people at the point of arrest where they had their last drink.

“Occasionally they do get somebody that does lie about where they had their last drink, again you’re looking at a big pattern trend, you’re not looking at any one instance,” Carol Schlossman, board member of the Downtown Neighborhood Association, said.

By looking at those patterns, they can pick out hotspots of places continually overserve. Police will work with those businesses to create a plan to address the problem.

“If we can reduce some of this and the impact that is has on the livability of our community, it’s a great outcome, as well as supports economic robustness,” Schlossman said.

POLD is already being used in many places across the country, including several cities in Minnesota.

Advocates say it helps reduce alcohol–related crimes.

“I hope they do the research, and I hope they learn what a valuable tool it has been across the country in reducing alcohol related incidents. DUIs, assaults, domestics,” Schlossman said.

One bar owner says he doesn’t think law enforcement can take on the extra workload of having to enforce POLD.

“We currently have those efforts in place. You come and talk to us if there’s a problem. If it gets out of hand, you enforce what is already on the books,” Duane Litton, owner of Duffy’s Tavern, said.

“It’s not just to collect data. It’s only as good as you use information, and as a Liquor Control Board, I would think you want the best information that is data driven possible,” Schlossman said.

“As a bar owner, I appreciate the checks that we get. I appreciate that it keeps my people on their toes, keeps everybody on their toes,” Litton said.

The city commission says they will continue to consider the proposal.

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