Golden Drive Homeless Kids Ramps Up Its Support for YouthWorks during Holidays

Sue Baron donated five truck loads worth of goods to help children

FARGO, N.D. —┬áLast week, Sue Baron, the founder of Golden Drive Homeless Kids, collected several items that could make the holidays special for several kids across the metro.

Flash forward seven days, and the donations inside her fleet of trucks (five trunkloads of goods) can finally help others in need.

“I can’t stress the gratitude that we hold for this community, for so many people have just stepped up and wanted to help and they’re connecting themselves directly to helping the shelters. They just do so much here, and we love to help them in any way they can,” Baron said.

Baron says increasing her donations each year only fuels her fire to continue making a difference for the children.

“This is Christmas today. We are so thrilled to be able to help YouthWorks in everything they do and their mission. We couldn’t be happier,” said Baron.

With several rooms around the house filled to the brim with toys, food, and bedding, the team at YouthWorks appreciates the contributions Sue makes year after year.

“It’s a really big thing especially around Christmas. Sue always comes in clutch for us with all these presents that we got, all the food we got. We’re going to be set for a while, and that’s a really awesome feeling for all of us here,” said Mara Wessel of YouthWorks.

Regardless of how many gifts she can deliver to YouthWorks, Baron says helping any child is the best present of all.

“Money can never touch the feeling today knowing hundreds of youths will be helped. They will be touched with winter gear, with food, with gift cards. They’ll be touched with so much. It’s a beautiful feeling and I couldn’t be more thankful,” Baron said.

Baron and her team donated several items that can help those in transitional housing including bedding, kitchen supplies, towels and silverware.

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