Sheyenne High School Explains 3 Lockdowns in 7 School Days

This morning the lockdown was due to a student who had a seizure and the hallways needed to be cleared to provide access for first responders.

FARGO, ND — Sheyenne High School in West Fargo had it’s 3rd lockdown in 7 school days.

This morning the lockdown was due to a student who had a seizure and the hallways needed to be cleared to provide access for first responders.

The student suffered a seizure due to a fight between two students in the hallway between classes.

This afternoon West Fargo School Superintendent Beth Slette will discuss details of all three incidents and explain the different levels of lockdown.

Here is the letter that was sent to parents/guardians of Sheyenne High School students.

This morning, Sheyenne High School was placed in an administrative lockdown.  This occurred because a student had a seizure and we needed to clear hallways to provide direct access for our first responders and privacy for the student.  The precedent to the student seizing was a fight between two students that occurred in the hallway between classes and was witnessed by multiple students.     


We understand that receiving notification of three lockdowns in seven school days is concerning to families and the community.  Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to clarify the different levels of lockdown that can be enacted at a school building.  We also want to reassure everyone that Sheyenne High School is still a safe place for students to be.  Each of the three lockdowns was in response to a medical issue being experienced by a student; there was no danger to the student body at any time during any of the last three lockdowns.    

  • An administrative lockdown can be enacted in response to many things: a medical emergency that requires the hallways to be cleared for emergency personnel…an escaped convict seen in the neighborhood around the school…in response to suspicious activity…or for searches with the K-9 team.  The goal is to clear the hallways, provide access, and protect privacy.  Classroom activities continue during administrative lockdowns; the lights are not shut off, nor are students asked to hide or barricade in the room.  In administrative lockdowns, there is typically no danger to students or staff at any time.  Especially in buildings as large as West Fargo’s, administrative lockdowns happen frequently.  All three of the lockdowns at Sheyenne have been administrative.    
  • Lockdowns in response to human threats are enacted when an individual is entering the school or already in the school, intent on doing harm.  This type of lockdown requires that students evacuate to safety if possible, or barricade in the room.  This is the lockdown most commonly associated with schools, but the one that happens very infrequently. 



While we do experience situations that require administrative lockdowns throughout the year, the holiday season can be especially stressful for some of our students and families.  With changes in family structure, shifts in the economy, and recent events in our country, it is likely that we will hear from more students and parents about difficult situations related to divorce, poverty, addiction, loss of loved ones, and abusive and neglectful situations.  There are students in our schools who actually dread winter break because of these factors.  Please keep in mind that not every person in our building may be looking forward to it.   


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