Restaurants See Spike in Delivery Orders During Storm

Owners say partnering with delivery services has really helped their business

FARGO, N.D. — Some restaurants see a spike in delivery and takeout orders because of the storm.

Café Aladdin on 13th Avenue in Fargo says there were 60 percent more orders.

The restaurant partners with delivery services like Bite Squad, Uber Eats and Food Dudes.

They say they haven’t heard of any issues with delivery drivers despite the snow.

They say having a delivery option has really helped their business.

“We’ve been doing Food Dudes for the last four years. So in the last four years, every winter, we get a lot of Food Dudes orders,” Mohamad Said, owner of Cafe Aladdin on 13th Avenue, said. 

Café Aladdin says it was much slower inside the restaurant itself during the storm.

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