Blizzard Like Conditions Rough Roads: How Fargo and Moorhead are Handling Clean up

But crews are hard at work clearing the perimeter around the cities, main streets, primary and secondary roads

FARGO, N.D. — With strong winds moving around last week’s snow fall, it isn’t easy to get the roads in better driving condition.

KVRR’s Jessie Cohen joins tells us how Fargo and Moorhead are handing clean up.

“It’s kind of business as usual we’re plowing. Some areas are blown clean and don’t really need much attention and others look like it snowed ten inches again.” said Lee Anderson, the Fargo Public Works Supervisor.

But crews are hard at work clearing the perimeter around the cities, main streets, primary and secondary roads.

“We’re going through residential areas as well. We may not get all of them done because I’ll run out of crew time but we’re going to do what we can,” said Steve Moore, the Moorhead Public Works Director.

The sidewalk and bike paths in Moorhead won’t be cleared until Wednesday. Until then, they are focusing on the roads.

“The biggest thing is if you can get your cars off the road, don’t park them on the street,” Moore said.

Cabin fever may get irritating, but professionals are asking if you do leave the house, to tolerate the roads.

“We’re asking for patience. To get our roads totally back to normal widths and cleaned up it’s going to take some time,” Anderson said.

With very little sleep, some crew members are on day 7.

“I’m going to ask my crews to be careful which means they will go slower and it’ll take more time so we just ask for patience. We’ll get there as soon as we can,” Moore said.

Low visibility caused 19th street N to close early in the day, but that isn’t the only area where it might be tough to see two feet ahead.

“In the city itself for the most part it’s a manageable event you can get around out in the open especially the east west roads I’m sure you probably shouldn’t be out there,” Anderson said.

Both departments are doing everything they can to help people go on with their day to day routines, but that hasn’t stopped others from complaining about conditions.

“The bottom line is I feel their frustrations, I have the same problem in front of my driveway and the snow has to go somewhere,” Moore said.

As the plows and heavy equipment continue to move through the streets, they are reminding everyone to be safe and stay cautious in these low temperatures.

The City of Fargo has crews working 24/7.

The City of Moorhead has crews working 12 to 14 hour shifts during weather like this.

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