Ring in the New Year With Fireworks

You can set them off until 1 a.m. on New Year's in West Fargo

HORACE, N.D. — People in West Fargo are able to celebrate the new year with fireworks until 1 a.m.

Memory Fireworks’ Horace location closed its doors at 7:00 and won’t reopen until June 27th.

By law, people in North Dakota are unable to purchase fireworks until then, but Memory Fireworks does sell fireworks to out–of–state people year–round by appointment.

Managers at the store say each year sales have been picking up in the winter because fireworks act differently with the cold.

“When you do fireworks in the winter, they’re louder and brighter because there’s no humidity in there and then you get a reflection off the snow. Once people see them and try it, they keep coming back because they like the different effect,” said David Reuter, Memory Fireworks manager.

No matter the time of year, Memory Fireworks advises people to always remember safety first when setting off the items they bought.

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