NDSU School of Nursing Named 78th Best in the Country

North Dakota State University’s School of Nursing is named the 8th best in the plains region and the 78th best in the country by NursingSchoolsAlmanac.com.

The website praises NDSU nursing students’ impressive first time pass rate of the nursing certification exam at 94% in the past 10 years. The number of students passing the exam for advanced practice also exceeds the national average.

“The combination of nursing faculty, clinical instructors, outstanding students, and the clinical sites and preceptors who help educate students contribute to an exceptional nursing program. We continue to be committed to responding to meet the state’s crucial need for health care professionals,” Dr. Carla Gross, associate dean of NDSU’s School of Nursing said.

The only other schools making the list in our area include the University of Minnesota at number 32, Winona State University at 90 and South Dakota State University at 97.

To see the full rankings, click here.

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