Keeping Traditions Alive: Fargo Native American Commission Holds New Year’s Powwow

This is the sixth annual powwow

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo Native American Commission held their annual New Year’s Eve powwow after having to reschedule it because of a blizzard.

This is the sixth annual powwow.

“When I sing, I have fun. I’m singing to make people dance, to make sure the song is good, and everybody having a good time and it makes me feel pretty good,” Terry Goodsky with the Buffalo River Singers said.

From generation to generation, each song and dance has followed families through the years.

“As a spiritual person, I was asked to take over my father’s role on my family’s side as a spiritual leader,” Willard Yellow Bird said.

“It was something that was passed down from father to son,” Goodsky said.

The powwow is a chance for them to celebrate their heritage with the community.

“As long as you know people you can just jump in, you ask to sit down with a group, it’s just all traditions,” Goodsky said.

It’s also allows people to reconnect with their roots.

“It’s a learning experience for a lot of community members. A lot of them grew up in urban settings. They’re unaware of some of the spiritual needs but they’re learning,” Yellow Bird said.

Those who’ve made a difference in the community were recognized, and everyone also had fun with dance and drumming contests.

“I’ve been enjoying it for three decades now, just singing and traveling and meeting new people,” Goodsky said.

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