Pedaling from the Heart: CycleBar Holds Ride to Support Cardiac Health

Proceeds from the ride go to the American Heart Association

WEST FARGO, N.D. —¬†As a regular rider at CycleBar, Jessica Pergande strides along using her pedals, but unlike her long lasting love for cycling, an interest in raising awareness for heart health just took form in last March.

“I actually lost my mom unexpectedly to heart disease, so after that I just became dedicated living a life dedicated to heart health because I would never want to see something like that happen to other families. I know how difficult it was for our family, she was the rock of our family,” Pergande said.

Pergande knew the perfect way to honor her mom while supporting the American Heart Association was to have a charity ride at CycleBar.

“It really gets you pumped up, so you almost forget that in a way that you’re exercising but it’s so good for your heart at the same time,” said Pergande.

Pergande recently finished as the First Runner Up at the 2019 North Dakota International pageant.

Her fellow competitors, including Mrs. North Dakota herself, wanted to come and support their friend.

“I’ve only done cycling like this one time, but I said I’m going to come for Jessica and for the American Heart Association,” said Jessie Aamodt, the winner of the 2019 North Dakota International Pageant.

For thirty minutes, Jessica and the other cyclists powered through their ride.

As they hopped off the bikes, they were greeted with a surprise: a $615 donation from CycleBar to the American Heart Association.

“Cyclebar is all about community. We’re here to support them and we want to open up our facility to that and allow them another avenue to raise the funds that they need,” said Heidi Vetter, the General Manager and a CycleStar at CycleBar Fargo.

As their hearts keep pumping and their wheels keep spinning, these riders will keep on doing their part to make a difference.

CycleBar Fargo will be hosting their next charity ride on February 9 to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects the brain.

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