Concordia College Celebrates MLK’s Life and Legacy on 36th Remembrance

They chose speakers they believe Martin Luther King Jr. would stand behind

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Students at Concordia spent the day honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

When Shontarius Aikens grew up, it was his mother who taught him what it means to really be fearless.

“I was the only African American one the baseball team. I was pretty much the only one at things and I definitely had fear but she really instilled in me the value of ‘ok, feel the fear, but do it anyway,'” he said.

Not letting life experiences paralyze him so he can live out his own legacy is something he continues to carry with him every year on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Especially because it wouldn’t be possible without someone like MLK.

“MLK Day is a day and a reminder that there are people before me who paved the way that gave me the opportunity to live the life I’m living, to be able to do things, to have the freedom,” Aikens said.

He’s not the only one reflecting on the man with a dream this holiday. Concordia students are also reflecting on Dr. King’s life and legacy, while also getting inspired to leave their own behind.

“Not everyone has to be a Martin Luther King to have a legacy. It’s really more about promoting and embracing your purpose and passion in life and following that,” Tara Setmayer said.

Setmayer, who’s a political commentator and former GOP communications director, talked to students about the legacies of all kinds of marginalized groups.

“I think the biggest thing to remember is that King didn’t just want to focus on the lives of black Americans, there was so much more behind it. That was the movement at the time but there are movements now that we need to keep making,” said Haylee Worm, Concordia MLK planning committee co-chair.

“It’s important we remember his words, we remember his life and ways that we can personalize those things that he talked about and we can actually put those things into action,” Aikens said.

Remembering Dr. King’s dream not just for one day but through our everyday actions.


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