Crews Clear Fargo Streets Before Heavy Wind, Subzero Temperatures

Fargo Public Works encourages people to drive slow on icy roads

FARGO, N.D. — Crews from Fargo Public Works worked throughout the day Tuesday to clear the streets of snow across the metro.

Fargo Public Works Supervisor Lee Anderson says their plows should have all of the roads throughout the city finished by this evening.

They wanted to take care of the roads now before heavy winds and colder temperatures set in over the next few days.

Anderson says the incoming conditions make it harder to put down salt and maintain cleared streets.

“It’s just the product we put down will not stay, does not activate as well, and with the blowing snow sometimes, you’re sometimes better off not putting any product down, letting the snow blow off. It will cause some issues, that we’ll have to deal with throughout the rest of the week,” Anderson said.

Anderson also advises drivers to slow down and drive extra cautiously over the next few days.

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