Rink Report: UND Takes Care of Details in Preparation for Tough Stretch

The Fighting Hawks will play No. 1 St. Cloud State this weekend

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — Part of North Dakota hockey’s recent struggles hasn’t been getting the lead in games, it’s been keeping it. The past four games has been much of the same for the Fighting Hawks. They get off to a two-goal lead over their opponent, but each time, they’ve failed to hold onto that lead. Members of the team told the media the focus to try to curb that this week will be paying attention to the smaller things and focusing in on the details of the game.

“It’s just those little details,” junior defenseman Colton Poolman said. “Maybe you’re not there for one shift and maybe that’s the shift they score on. That’s kind of a big thing, cause we play pretty well 5-on-5. There were some things – power play, penalty things that we didn’t capitalize on – and that’ll happen, but it’s kind of the little details that are killing us right now. We think we’ve been pretty prepared for them, but at times, it’s one, two shifts, maybe a period you’re not playing your best hockey and that’s when things can happen and obviously, they kind of have been.”

“I think we’ve been doing the right thing, its just little details like getting pucks out,” senior forward Rhett Gardner said. “It might seem like a little thing at the time, but then 20 seconds later it ends up in the back of your net, so just sharpening up in all three areas of the rink.”

“Everybody has to do their part in making sure they have to be sharp and clean in every situation when they get on the ice,” head coach Brad Berry said. “Especially when it gets magnified in the last ten minutes of a game. I guess what you have to say is the mental sharpness or focus of an individual when they go on the ice and knowing that they have to do the job.”

Now would certainly be the right time to get things on track for North Dakota as they face a daunting schedule ahead, all getting started this week when they play host to No. 1 St. Cloud State.

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