Community Donates to Sanford Children’s Hospital With Cares for Kids Radiothon

This two-day event gives community members a chance to impact the lives of kids at Sanford

FARGO, N.D. – The 19th Annual Cares for Kids Radiothon is a chance for the community to make an impact on the lives of sick kids at Sanford Children’s Hospital.

With this event, you can impact a child’s life directly by picking up the phone and donating.

“This money is very important so we have special services and programs and equipment to care for any child with any diagnoses that walks through our doors,” Children’s Miracle Network program director Hillery Mork said.

The event keeps it local, with 100% of the money from this two-day event going directly to Sanford Children’s Hospital.

KFGO and other radio outlets are taking part too by sharing the stories of patients.

“Each and every story that we share has been impacted by Children’s Miracle Network in their own very unique way,” Mork said.

Jack is a former patient of Sanford, who was diagnosed with 11 brain abscesses in 2014.

“First, they weren’t quite sure if it was cancer but they finally ruled that out,” Jack Evavold’s mom Kim Evavold said. “We were given the prognosis of more than likely he may not make it. If he did, he would not be the same Jack that we had.”

After spending 6 weeks at Sanford, going through 8 MRI’s and multiple surgeries, Jack is now healthy.

“As you can see, we got a miracle, due to the fact we had wonderful doctors, we had this facility here, and we were able to care for Jack and figure out what was wrong and heal him,” Kim Evavold said.

“It’s nice to know that people care,” Former Sanford patient Jack Evavold said. This has been here for 19 years and it’ll last. It’s going to keep going.”

Throughout the event, volunteers answer phone calls and take down information from donors. When a donor donates at least 20 per month, the bell rings, and we have a miracle maker.

After 19 years, the Radiothon continues to make it possible for patients to live happy and healthy lives.

The Cares for Kids Radiothon is going on Friday as well from 6am until 6pm.

You can donate by calling 701-478-KIDS or 877-478-KIDS.

You can also donate by texting KIDS to 35270 or by clicking here.

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