Despite Recent Lockdowns, Sheyenne Students Celebrate Start of New Semester

The pep rally highlighted the students' achievements over the last semester

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Since the start of December, Sheyenne High School has gone through four administrative lockdowns, including one earlier this week.

Even though classes continued as normal, the hallways were cleared to give access to medical personnel.

Sheyenne administrators say lockdowns emphasize the need to keep their nearly 1300 students safe.

“We’re really crowded here, so unfortunately when things happen, like medical situations, we want to protect students, so we do go into administrative lockdowns, and that’s more to protect the students,” said Dr. Pam Cronin, the Principal at Sheyenne High School.

However, when you walk inside Sheyenne High School, students and staff aren’t letting the recent lockdowns bring them down.

Instead, they are loud and proud about their school pride, excited to kick off another semester.

“We just like to showcase that we have a lot of school spirit and that the students and staff that we have here at Sheyenne are really great and they come in everyday and put their best foot forward. We just want to show the community what’s really happening at Sheyenne,” said Jacob Anderson, the Student Body President at Sheyenne High School.

Throughout the pep rally, students from all four grades had the chance to win prizes, ranging from free tickets to the dance to Mustang merchandise,

Dr. Cronin says by giving the kids a reason to celebrate the start of a new semester, they will continue to thrive in the classroom.

“This is the kind of stuff we love to do. Pep rallies, our classes are a lot of fun, our teachers are doing a lot of cool activities with students that are hands–on, projects, field trips, things like that. It gives you chills when you see them all participating,” Dr. Cronin said.

In addition to the games played throughout the pep rally, students also had a chance to listen to performances from the school’s band and acapella groups.

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