One Goal of 2.5 Million Meals; Relieving the World of Hunger from Fargo

The Fargo Mobile Pack partners up with Feed my Starving Children to help volunteers pack meals for kids in need

FARGO, N.D. — The Fargo Mobile Pack partners up with Feed my Starving Children to help volunteers pack meals for kids in need.

Take a look at how they are working towards their goal of packing two–and–a–half million meals.

Each scoop, seal and stack, is another step towards hunger relief.

“This is the second year we’ve done this and it’s just a really cool organization,” said Nick Peterson, a volunteer.

It’s one more minute turned into another meal.

“You can make a difference with just two hours of your time. You can come and know that you can make an impact around the world,” said Amy Okeson, with Fargo Mobile Packs.

A meal that shows volunteers, their small acts can make big change.

“Just the feeling you get ya know making a difference in kids’ lives, kids that really need it and just to kind of think about what you’re accomplishing,” Peterson said.

Based in Minneapolis, Feed My Starving Children works with the Fargo Mobile Pack to make 2.5 million meals.

“We raise the funds right here, we recruit the volunteers and then they bring all of this stuff to be able to help feed kids around the world,” Okeson said.

While they can feel change happening in the palm of their hands, many volunteers say each package of rice and nutrients puts life into perspective.

“It’s a little bit depressing to know what you actually eat every day and how many people are going without,” Peterson said.

But that doesn’t stop the positive energy from consuming Scheels arena.

And for Amy, it brings back memories.

“Well it’s amazing to see the kids here catching on to that sense of volunteerism right here putting love and care into that bag and then to be able to be somewhere like Dominican Republic where there are immigrant families with very little nothing to eat, knowing you can hand that bag to them or hand them a plate of food and see the difference it makes,” Okeson.

After just a few hours, strangers turn into friends, friends become families, and families leave hopeful.

“I think I already look forward to doing it again and we might even come back tomorrow,” Peterson said.

The weather had canceled some original packing seasons but they have added volunteer slots to their Friday and Saturday schedules.

Check out their website to help be a part of the giving.

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