West Fargo Police Say it’s Business as Usual, Even with Frigid Temperatures

Officers are being proactive by dressing warm and making sure people are dressing properly for the weather

WEST FARGO, N.D. – The West Fargo Police Department says it’s “business as usual” despite the frigid temperatures.

Officers are advised to dress in layers and to be proactive by making sure people are dressed properly for the weather while outside.

West Fargo Police Department Sargent Pete Nielsen says if an officer is called out on a longer call, other officers will assist and take turns warming up inside the vehicle.

Sargent Nielsen also says it has been fairly quiet with calls related to cold-weather.

“It’s been brutally cold like I’ve said and they [police] know that this is their job, they know that they have to come to work, and they know that they are definitely respected in the community for doing their job and we’re definitely proud of them,” Sargent Nielsen said.

The department’s vehicles are located below the building so officers are ready to go in an emergency situation.

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