UND’s Aerospace Community Day Gives Kids One-of-a-Kind Experiences

Aerospace Day is a way to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in the field

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — If you’re fascinated by flight, UND’s Aerospace Community Day is the place to be.

From touring airplanes to control tower simulations to weather broadcasting, kids get to have one–of–a–kind experiences.

“We decided to make it a pop-up science museum and open the doors and come together and have an exciting day for kids,” Elizabeth Bjerke, associate dean of the College of Aerospace, said.

“I like doing the weather and the aviation where you put on the headset and you speak to the plane,” Kayden Larson, 10, said.

Aerospace Day is a way to inspire the next generation to pursue careers in the field.

“There is a worldwide pilot shortage. UND is one of those schools where students can become trained in as pilots and go off in the industry,” Jeremy Roesler, chief flight instructor, said.

For kids learning the ins and outs of weather forecasting, getting the motions down was a little tricky.

“It was like really funny because you’re trying to— you can’t seem to get it right. Last year I ended up in a knot. I couldn’t even get my arms out,” Cameron Dudgeon, 10, said.

“He ended up pointing at the camera instead of pointing to the side,” Larson said.

“Little trick, you have to point the opposite way that it is,” Dudgeon said.

For aspiring pilots, Roesler points to the unique experience the job is.

“Aviation is a lot of fun. You get to sit in an airplane. That’s your office. You get to see things on a daily basis that most people don’t,” Roesler said.

“You get to see the clouds and the amazing speed and the bright sun,” Dudgeon, who wants to be a fighter jet pilot, said.

UND will have an Aerospace Day for prospective students on Feb 9.

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