An Unbreakable Bond: CCRI Gives New Home to Four Best Friends

they've been friends and roommates for ten years

MOORHEAD, Minn. — Sometimes it doesn’t take a lot to forge an unbreakable bond another with person.

For David, Greg, Brad and Lane, it’s been both a friendship and a home they’ve shared for ten years.

But that almost came to an end about a year ago.

“We started seeing some mobility issues with David and as you can see, Brad has some mobility issues as well. So, in the system we work in, that means someone would move to another home,” said Shannon Bock, executive director of CCRI.

Refusing to let that happen, CCRI decided to build a new home for this band of brothers instead.

“The house is more roomy. I can get around,” Brad said.

Aside from an entirely open floor plan, the house is completely accessible to fit the men’s needs.

But that doesn’t mean they didn’t add some personalized touches along the way.

“Lane loves the bat cave, Brad loves the Vikings so everybody got a little piece that’s super important to them to make this a good transition,” Bock said.

Aside from getting some new items for their house, the gang also got a chance to see what kind of impact they have on the community they call home.

“Whether it’s contractors who supplied items for us or did work free of charge for us or just the community stepping up. We actually had an anonymous donor donate $50,000 towards the project so seeing the guys and the impact they have on each other but moreso even in the community has been a huge impact for them,” Bock said.

That also includes the staff who provide 24-7 care to the four best friends all while learning some important lessons from them too.

“We have great staff here who works with us,” Brad said.

“Everyone has a story and that if you take the time to listen, you’ll realize how special each person can be no matter whether they’re disabled or abled. You walk in meeting total strangers and within months, they become your friends and then your best friends and then they’re like family,” said Tia Halvorson, a CCRI direct support professional.

Proving that even an incredible bond between these four can be expanded to include so many more.

The men moved into their Moorhead home a week ago.

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