Memory Cafe Connects Those Suffering from Memory Loss with Children

The Nonprofit Organization Organized the Annual Intergenerational Valentine's Day Party
FARGO, N.D. — For those suffering from memory loss, interacting with others can be scary.  The goal of Memory Cafe is to curb that fear and to make those people feel welcome in their communities
“There is just a lot of research that shows the importance of socialization for people who are experiencing memory loss,”  Memory Cafe of the Red River Valley Co-founder Deb Kaul said. “And one of the greatest dangers, and most common occurrences is that people with memory loss will tend to isolate themselves and stay home and just not engage in the community.”
One way Memory Cafe has encouraged more socialization is by bringing kids into the mix with their annual Intergenerational Valentine’s party.
“When you couple that with the incredible joy that comes with meeting with little kids and mixing the generations, it is really a powerful experience,” Kaul said.
Together the kids and the adults made crafts that involved both memories and the upcoming Valentine’s Holiday. For some of the students there, working with the adults was a familiar experience.
“It’s kind of fun and it’s kind of weird,” fourth grader Jordan Sommerfeld said. “But I am kind of use to it because I have older grandparents.”
The kids and the adults are creating crafts by writing a memory that brings them happiness and then weaving it through their paper. Once that is finished, they cut it into a heart to help celebrate Valentine’s day.
“The people will be able to take these home with them and they’ll have just memories that have been important to them in a shape of a heart,” Kaul said.
Tuesday’s event create’s a new memory for those both young and old, as both groups experience the impact that this kind of interaction can have on those suffering from memory loss.
“When you involve children, it really is a wonderful blessing for both the children and the adults,” Kaul said.
For those looking to help, Memory Café meets the first and third Tuesday of each month at the First Lutheran Church in Fargo.
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